Baby Journal Bane

Is a baby diary or baby journal something on your list of “must haves” before giving birth to a new little individual?

Having a quick look around, there are a plethora of American published baby diaries and journals if you are ok with being called “mom” and calling poo “poop” and others published in the UK, but there doesn’t appear to be many Australian made/published ones on offer.

The Royal Women’s Hospital used to hand out copies of “My Baby Diary – The First Five Years” to each new mother but apparently this ceased around 5 years ago. It looked a bit naff and featured huge amounts of advertising but had a lot of useful information and many pages to record all the important stuff.

As “My Baby Diary – The first Five Years” are now hard to come by and not given away freely, we did some investigation and found you 10 of the best Australian and other, less daggy, more upscale, options.

Paper Eskimo

This beautiful Australian designed Baby Journal is for recording important and memorable events up to five years of age and comes in a hardcover keepsake memory box. The Baby Journal is printed in generic mint green and chocolate brown and the box can be personalised on the inside lid with baby’s name. A treasured gift for any newborn baby.

baby diary baby journal

Milestone Press

Unique, stylish, practical and easy to use, the Australian “A Book About Me” would be an ideal newborn gift. It features amusing prompts and the loose leaf format allows you to customise the book by rearranging the pages. Perfect.

baby diary mp


This is absolutely divine! The Once A Year Book from Laikonik is crafted in Australia and made with love and consideration to the planet. It chronicles a child’s life from birth to 18 years of age and displays in a unique concertina style. Every parent to be will want one of these.

baby diary laikonik

Caroline’s Angels

Caroline and Caroline from Western Australia are experts in midwifery and child health nursing. They have a business providing support for baby and toddler sleep, feeding and overnight waking amongst other things and have pooled together their knowledge to print their own baby diaries including one for twins! The Caroline’s Angels Twin Diary is a must for any new family welcoming twins and features sleep tips at the botton of each page.

baby diary ca twins

The Baby Diaries App

Want to record everything baby does digitally? An Australian mum created this! Download The Baby Diaries app. For only $2.49, it is the cheapest option around. Just make sure you back it up often in case of baby brain causing accidents!

The Baby Diaries


Compendium Australia distribute the American published Welcome, Baby!, an aesthetically pleasing keepsake book with a cloth hardcover and coloured jellyband, is perfect for capturing precious memories and mementos of baby’s first year.

baby diary welcome baby


Not Australian but gorgeous and worth the expense, the Binth Baby Book is for “very lucky babies”. Handcrafted with original illustrations, this book takes you from birth to third birthday celebrations.

baby diary binth

Rag & Bone

Baby’s First Book is a ribbon bound book containing 24 whimsical fill in pages from the US. Choose from a huge selection of cover options and record all the loving sentiments from baby’s first year.

baby diary babies first book

Simply Paperie

Join the list of celebrities that have received this sweet little book from Simply Paperie in America to remember all the little details from the time you are expecting, babies arrival and the first 1-12 months. Hello Baby! is hand bound with a coordinating silver ribbon.

baby diary hello baby

Sara Midda

Sara Midda is an artist from England. She reinvents the traditional baby book with her whimsical figures that beguile and gives you practicality with unexpected touches. Sara Midda Baby Book is published by Workman in the UK.

baby diary baby book