Horsey Cashmere

Cashmere Goat

No, cashmere doesn’t come from horses, it comes from goats!

Their coats are combed or shorn and the finest hairs captured are then spun and used to create the material that make up our Horsey baby garments.

Cashmere is strong, light and extremely soft and provides excellent insulation against cooler weather.

Did you know it can take one little goat around 4 years to produce enough cashmere to make a jumper or sweater? Once only available to royalty because it was rare, the value increased.

Horsey believes cashmere is a luxury every little individual deserves and that is why we choose to use it in our stylish and unique long suits, short suits, tops and pants.

Horsey developed the cashmere cotton blend specifically for our material to be the softest thing next to baby’s skin other than your own. It has been Australian Standard tested against pilling, fading and shrinking and, best of all, is machine washable.

Horsey hails this little kid x