Autumn Babies

Autumn’s here and giving birth to a baby in autumn has its advantages!

American research came to the conclusion that they are more likely to live to 100, an Australian study says they will be better at sport and an English article claims autumn babies do better academically.

Need an autumn inspired baby name? We found Ash, Birch, Forrest, Hazel, Juniper, Maple, Oak, Willow, Daphne, which means laurel tree and Lennox, a Scottish name related to the elm tree, while autumn colours inspire red related names such as Adam, Crimson, Rory, Rowan, and Scarlett and gold related names like Aurelia, Flavia, and Xanthe. Funnily enough we couldn’t find any orange related names!

Horsey’s stable of colours compliment autumn perfectly and include Chestnut, Bay, Wild Carrot and Lucerne.



If you’re looking for a unique gift for an autumn baby, our newborn to 9 month old unisex clothes are perfect. Horsey pants and tops that you can pop on and off easily cater to the ups and downs in autumn temperatures.

Our cashmere cotton baby clothes are thermo-regulating so they are warmer in cooler weather and cooler in warmer weather. For precious little individuals everywhere.