Stylish cots bar none!

Yep. Cots without bars. Imagine the most out there “cot” possible and you couldn’t dream some of these up! Pie in the sky, stylish and inspiring, Horsey loves these little numbers!


Ubabub produce visually gorgeous Australian designed, ultra safe, durable and eco friendly cots. They are easy to assemble, clean and maintain.

Pod is a cosy cocoon shaped cot with clear acrylic sides for easy sneaky peeks! It also grows with baby by converting to a junior bed.

pod cot

Nifty Clear has the clean lines of mid-century aesthetic and also features the clear acrylic sides. Nifty too grows with baby by converting to a junior bed.

ubabub nifty cot

Chen Liming

The space age egg bed called Mama’s Heart designed by Chen Liming is inspired by a mother’s belly. There is an air function, it swings and rocks, plays unique light patterns using LED’s and soft sounds that mimic those inside the womb. Whoa!

mamas heart cot 2

mamas heart cot

Castor & Chouca

The Soleil baby bed is made by French eco design company Castor & Chouca. It is the designer cot that lasts a lifetime (there is a bit of a theme here yes?) transforming from an uber cool cot to a chic table or desk for anywhere in the house. No bars to be seen here.

castor & chouca soleil baby bed 2


If you thought you had seen it all, think again! Dripta Design presents the babyC. The design of this polyethelene and walnut cradle make it the most unique and niche one out there.

dripta babyc cradle

Dripta babyc cradle 2

Lana Agiyan

The Bubble Baby Bed blows our minds yes? Lana Agiyan’s brilliantly designed bed is “….not only a futuristic toy, it is also a functional and emotion-evoking child care appliance.” Completely transparent, it rocks slightly but returns to an upright position because of a plexiglas weight centre. Who wants one??

bubble bed


Scandanavian designed, the contemporary so-ro cradle is named after Norwegian lullabies and means calm down. Who wouldn’t in one of these little numbers. The forward rocking motion comforts and soothes baby and won a design award in 2010. We love the so-ro for twins.

so-ro twin cradle