Summer Babies

What do we love about summer? Besides the usual: beach, floaty dresses, bronzed, exposed skin, cool drinks, salads, etc, a lot of women love giving birth!

Summer is a very popular season to give birth and research shows babies born in summer are likely to be slightly taller and have bigger bones which may be related to extra vitamin D exposure during pregnancy. Summer born people tend to be more optimistic too!

If your baby is born in summer, you should be able to get outside more for walks with your new baby making it easier to socialise with other new mums.

Another bonus for summer babies is that birthday parties can be held outside, at the local park or down at the beach.

Finally, potty training is great to start in summer. Around the age of two is usually the time so get their kit off, take them outside and don’t worry out of having to deal with accidents on the favourite rug:)

Looking for summer inspired names? Some obvious ones include Daisy (a frontrunner), followed closely by Lily or what about Sunny? January if you are in the Southern Hemisphere or Juno, July/August if you are in the North. Bee, Berry, Coral, Lake, Sailor and Shine are some others. The Greek word for summer is Theros, Dax is an English name meaning water and Cain is Welsh for clear water. Nixie is German meaning little water sprite and Talulah is Native American for leaping water.

So what about Horsey cashmere/cotton clothes for babies in summer?

You may not believe summer and cashmere go together but in fact cashmere is actually thermo-regulating so it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cashmere is so versatile it can be worn in any temperature, year round, depending on how the wool is spun. It is light, supple and breathable and if it gets wet, dries quickly.

Horsey’s outfits are tailored with a blend of the finest cashmere and softest cotton to produce a luxurious material that feels cool to touch in warmer weather. For more benefits click here

Doesn’t your little individual deserve Horsey?