Winter Babies

Gosh it’s cold today. Outside feels like we’re standing at the top of one of the slopes on a ski field!

Winter is statistically less popular for giving birth and research shows one of the reasons could be people without air conditioning have less sex in summer because it’s too hot! Sweaty shenanigans anyone?

Other interesting insights we found note:

* winter babies are apparently longer in length and by the age of 7 are taller, heavier and have a larger head circumference than their peers
* American and Australian researchers monitored the development of 21,000 boys and girls and found winter born kids had higher scores in a series of intelligence exercises than their peers
* a UK website wrote one study found that winter-born children tend to score higher in reasoning and physical development tests as babies and seven-year-olds
* Queensland University researchers found winter babies behave better. Good kids:)

Need a winter inspired baby name? Neve is Latin for snow, Bianca is Italian for white, Blanche, Hazel (as in witch hazel – blooms in winter), Holly (for other countries that have Christmas in winter), Ivy, Lumi (Finnish for snow), Nevada (Spanish for covered in snow), December and January (for other countries that have Christmas in winter) or for our neck of the woods June, July and August, Gail, Rain and Grey for obvious reasons, Eira (Welsh for snow), Aneira (also Welsh for snow), Juniper (winter berries), Crystal, Garnet (stone for January) or whatever the name of the stone is for the month your baby is born, Winter, Jay, Wren and Sparrow (common birds of winter?).

Horsey cashmere and cotton baby clothes are perfectly suited to keeping baby cosily warm and snug in winter. Opt for the long suit or long sleeve top and legs in (hot chocolate) bay, (oozy caramel) chestnut, (stormy) grey, (olive) lucerne, (richly coloured) wild carrot or (creamy) palomino. Now where’s that open fire to toast those marshmallows?