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Summer Babies

What do we love about summer? Besides the usual: beach, floaty dresses, bronzed, exposed skin, cool drinks, salads, etc, a lot of women love giving birth!

Summer is a very popular season to give birth and research shows babies born in summer are likely to be slightly taller and have bigger bones which may be related to extra vitamin D exposure during pregnancy. Summer born people tend to be more optimistic too!

If your baby is born in summer, you should be able to get outside more for walks with your new baby making it easier to socialise with other new mums.

Another bonus for summer babies is that birthday parties can be held outside, at the local park or down at the beach.

Finally, potty training is great to start in summer. Around the age of two is usually the time so get their kit off, take them outside and don’t worry out of having to deal with accidents on the favourite rug:)

Looking for summer inspired names? Some obvious ones include Daisy (a frontrunner), followed closely by Lily or what about Sunny? January if you are in the Southern Hemisphere or Juno, July/August if you are in the North. Bee, Berry, Coral, Lake, Sailor and Shine are some others. The Greek word for summer is Theros, Dax is an English name meaning water and Cain is Welsh for clear water. Nixie is German meaning little water sprite and Talulah is Native American for leaping water.

So what about Horsey cashmere/cotton clothes for babies in summer?

You may not believe summer and cashmere go together but in fact cashmere is actually thermo-regulating so it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cashmere is so versatile it can be worn in any temperature, year round, depending on how the wool is spun. It is light, supple and breathable and if it gets wet, dries quickly.

Horsey’s outfits are tailored with a blend of the finest cashmere and softest cotton to produce a luxurious material that feels cool to touch in warmer weather. For more benefits click here

Doesn’t your little individual deserve Horsey?


Winter Babies

Gosh it’s cold today. Outside feels like we’re standing at the top of one of the slopes on a ski field!

Winter is statistically less popular for giving birth and research shows one of the reasons could be people without air conditioning have less sex in summer because it’s too hot! Sweaty shenanigans anyone?

Other interesting insights we found note:

* winter babies are apparently longer in length and by the age of 7 are taller, heavier and have a larger head circumference than their peers
* American and Australian researchers monitored the development of 21,000 boys and girls and found winter born kids had higher scores in a series of intelligence exercises than their peers
* a UK website wrote one study found that winter-born children tend to score higher in reasoning and physical development tests as babies and seven-year-olds
* Queensland University researchers found winter babies behave better. Good kids:)

Need a winter inspired baby name? Neve is Latin for snow, Bianca is Italian for white, Blanche, Hazel (as in witch hazel – blooms in winter), Holly (for other countries that have Christmas in winter), Ivy, Lumi (Finnish for snow), Nevada (Spanish for covered in snow), December and January (for other countries that have Christmas in winter) or for our neck of the woods June, July and August, Gail, Rain and Grey for obvious reasons, Eira (Welsh for snow), Aneira (also Welsh for snow), Juniper (winter berries), Crystal, Garnet (stone for January) or whatever the name of the stone is for the month your baby is born, Winter, Jay, Wren and Sparrow (common birds of winter?).

Horsey cashmere and cotton baby clothes are perfectly suited to keeping baby cosily warm and snug in winter. Opt for the long suit or long sleeve top and legs in (hot chocolate) bay, (oozy caramel) chestnut, (stormy) grey, (olive) lucerne, (richly coloured) wild carrot or (creamy) palomino. Now where’s that open fire to toast those marshmallows?

Baby Journal Bane

Is a baby diary or baby journal something on your list of “must haves” before giving birth to a new little individual?

Having a quick look around, there are a plethora of American published baby diaries and journals if you are ok with being called “mom” and calling poo “poop” and others published in the UK, but there doesn’t appear to be many Australian made/published ones on offer.

The Royal Women’s Hospital used to hand out copies of “My Baby Diary – The First Five Years” to each new mother but apparently this ceased around 5 years ago. It looked a bit naff and featured huge amounts of advertising but had a lot of useful information and many pages to record all the important stuff.

As “My Baby Diary – The first Five Years” are now hard to come by and not given away freely, we did some investigation and found you 10 of the best Australian and other, less daggy, more upscale, options.

Paper Eskimo

This beautiful Australian designed Baby Journal is for recording important and memorable events up to five years of age and comes in a hardcover keepsake memory box. The Baby Journal is printed in generic mint green and chocolate brown and the box can be personalised on the inside lid with baby’s name. A treasured gift for any newborn baby.

baby diary baby journal

Milestone Press

Unique, stylish, practical and easy to use, the Australian “A Book About Me” would be an ideal newborn gift. It features amusing prompts and the loose leaf format allows you to customise the book by rearranging the pages. Perfect.

baby diary mp


This is absolutely divine! The Once A Year Book from Laikonik is crafted in Australia and made with love and consideration to the planet. It chronicles a child’s life from birth to 18 years of age and displays in a unique concertina style. Every parent to be will want one of these.

baby diary laikonik

Caroline’s Angels

Caroline and Caroline from Western Australia are experts in midwifery and child health nursing. They have a business providing support for baby and toddler sleep, feeding and overnight waking amongst other things and have pooled together their knowledge to print their own baby diaries including one for twins! The Caroline’s Angels Twin Diary is a must for any new family welcoming twins and features sleep tips at the botton of each page.

baby diary ca twins

The Baby Diaries App

Want to record everything baby does digitally? An Australian mum created this! Download The Baby Diaries app. For only $2.49, it is the cheapest option around. Just make sure you back it up often in case of baby brain causing accidents!

The Baby Diaries


Compendium Australia distribute the American published Welcome, Baby!, an aesthetically pleasing keepsake book with a cloth hardcover and coloured jellyband, is perfect for capturing precious memories and mementos of baby’s first year.

baby diary welcome baby


Not Australian but gorgeous and worth the expense, the Binth Baby Book is for “very lucky babies”. Handcrafted with original illustrations, this book takes you from birth to third birthday celebrations.

baby diary binth

Rag & Bone

Baby’s First Book is a ribbon bound book containing 24 whimsical fill in pages from the US. Choose from a huge selection of cover options and record all the loving sentiments from baby’s first year.

baby diary babies first book

Simply Paperie

Join the list of celebrities that have received this sweet little book from Simply Paperie in America to remember all the little details from the time you are expecting, babies arrival and the first 1-12 months. Hello Baby! is hand bound with a coordinating silver ribbon.

baby diary hello baby

Sara Midda

Sara Midda is an artist from England. She reinvents the traditional baby book with her whimsical figures that beguile and gives you practicality with unexpected touches. Sara Midda Baby Book is published by Workman in the UK.

baby diary baby book

Stylish cots bar none!

Yep. Cots without bars. Imagine the most out there “cot” possible and you couldn’t dream some of these up! Pie in the sky, stylish and inspiring, Horsey loves these little numbers!


Ubabub produce visually gorgeous Australian designed, ultra safe, durable and eco friendly cots. They are easy to assemble, clean and maintain.

Pod is a cosy cocoon shaped cot with clear acrylic sides for easy sneaky peeks! It also grows with baby by converting to a junior bed.

pod cot

Nifty Clear has the clean lines of mid-century aesthetic and also features the clear acrylic sides. Nifty too grows with baby by converting to a junior bed.

ubabub nifty cot

Chen Liming

The space age egg bed called Mama’s Heart designed by Chen Liming is inspired by a mother’s belly. There is an air function, it swings and rocks, plays unique light patterns using LED’s and soft sounds that mimic those inside the womb. Whoa!

mamas heart cot 2

mamas heart cot

Castor & Chouca

The Soleil baby bed is made by French eco design company Castor & Chouca. It is the designer cot that lasts a lifetime (there is a bit of a theme here yes?) transforming from an uber cool cot to a chic table or desk for anywhere in the house. No bars to be seen here.

castor & chouca soleil baby bed 2


If you thought you had seen it all, think again! Dripta Design presents the babyC. The design of this polyethelene and walnut cradle make it the most unique and niche one out there.

dripta babyc cradle

Dripta babyc cradle 2

Lana Agiyan

The Bubble Baby Bed blows our minds yes? Lana Agiyan’s brilliantly designed bed is “….not only a futuristic toy, it is also a functional and emotion-evoking child care appliance.” Completely transparent, it rocks slightly but returns to an upright position because of a plexiglas weight centre. Who wants one??

bubble bed


Scandanavian designed, the contemporary so-ro cradle is named after Norwegian lullabies and means calm down. Who wouldn’t in one of these little numbers. The forward rocking motion comforts and soothes baby and won a design award in 2010. We love the so-ro for twins.

so-ro twin cradle


Stylish cots with bars? Here are our top 10.

If we have to put babies behind bars in cots, they should be stylish, modern or retro and environmentally friendly.

Get admiring looks from visitors who come to see the new baby with one of these little additions to the family. Some of them are a bit expensive but chic practicality is priceless yes?

You’ll love them all and so will baby. Even cots with bars can be super sleek!


The Leander bed suits baby from birth and beyond. It is five pieces of furniture in one converting from a cot to a bed with three colours to choose from.

leander cot


Plyroom‘s Ava cot works for you suiting baby from birth right through until teenage years and beyond! It is a cot, a bed and a desk, designed and made in Italy exclusively for Plyroom.

plyroom cot


Need some colour in the nursery? Kalon comes to town with the Caravan Crib! The classic form and contemporary colours meet modern parent’s needs and have the green tick.

kalon caravan crib


We found this image of Ooba‘s Nest Crib but after some investigation think they are now Offi and don’t do the crib anymore. Still, we love the design of this crib if you can somehow get your hands on one.

ooba next crib

love n care

Yes it has bars but how ridiculously sleek is this little baby? Vulu from love n care was created by an award winning Australian design team and begins life as a bassinet, converts to a cot then transforms into a junior bed. Slick.

love n care vulu cot combo

love n care vulu cot


Minimalist design with a floating feeling, the be cot uses straight and curved lines in it’s design and comes in a bunch of different colours. The be cot turns into the be desk by turning upside down. Looking good bars.

bebemoda cot

Nursery Works

Invisible bars anyone? Unique, hand made, limited edition and specially numbered, the Vetro Crib from Nursery Works has to be the ultimate in luxury. It is the first 100% recyclable, non toxic, acrylic crib on the market.

nursery works vetro crib


Design conscious and environmentally aware, Oeuf offers quality, practicality and function. This is their Elephant Crib, made from sustainably sourced wood with non-toxic and water based finishes.

oeuf elephant crib


The Bloom mid-century modern inspired Retro features unique curvature and rounded design elements and has newborn to school age convertability.

bloom retro crib

Or if you are tight with space, get the contemporary chic alma mini urban crib that folds up for easy transport and storage.

bloom alma mini crib

Picture 096

Hipster baby teethers

So there’s drool all over the place and bubs wants to put everything in his or her mouth. Want to get some condescending looks from people as you give your baby a bar of chocolate to gnaw on?

Go ahead and purchase this cool baby teether or go for one of the other jChews on offer.

A unique gift to woo parents everywhere, these 100% BPA free silicone teethers from Jellystone Design are perfect for hipster babes everywhere.







15 Cool, Unique and Unisex Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

We featured some cool, unique and unisex newborn baby gift ideas on the Horsey blog last month, but there are many more out there just waiting to be discovered. Here are another 15 that caught our eye. Perfect for a baby shower or just because they are so cool you just had to get them for the new little individual in your life anyway.

Wooden Kangaroo Teething Toy

A wooden kangaroo teething toy – what else! We love everything Little Sapling Toys has to offer for babies, especially the option of being able to personalise your gift.

kangaroo teething toy

Shark Baby Bottle Cozy

Howzabout a shark baby bottle cozy? Who could live without this outrageously cool accessory? Hand made and extremely unique, get yours at Handamade in whatever colour you choose.

shark baby bottle cozy

Cool, Unique and Unisex

Go for something a bit special and dress baby in some luxurious cashmere and cotton Horsey. Stylish in unique, unisex colours, Horsey makes babies everywhere stand out from the herd.


Rainbow Nightlight

Best nightlight ever? Who wouldn’t want a beautiful rainbow on their wall? Check them out at Urban Outfitters.

rainbow nightlight

Baby Bibs

Babies need bibs! Might as well get some unusual and funky ones like these pictured from Allure Baby.

bib and burp cloths

Blossom Baby Mobile

Mobiles are great newborn baby gifts and this Blossom Baby mobile won us over. From Pukapuka, each one is handmade and signed.

blossom baby mobile

Paper Craft Creatures

For a fabulously alternative nursery decoration, Paper Craft Creatures does colourful animals. A baby shower gift that screams unique!

paper elephant

Baby Cry Analyser

If this works like it says it does, OMG! A baby cry analyser for every new parent! We never knew this kind of thing existed but now that we do, what a unique gift hey? Get one from Whycry here.



Books are great unisex baby gifts and this little piece of art will be treasured for years. It features retro illustrations and physical letters with angles, holes and curves. Purchase from Alphablock on Amazon.

alphablock book

alphablock book W

Graphic Prints

If you love modern, deconstructed, graphic interpretations, these prints are for you, ah, baby! Order yours from Symbol Society here.

Big Bird




Multi Cultural Mobile

We know it’s another mobile but because it’s so cool we had to include it. For a positive start in life, every new baby needs this hand painted multicultural family promoting the beauty of diversity. From Becky Brisco.

multicultural mobile

Fish Rattle and Giraffe Booties

Uncommon Goods has just that. We found this fish rattle that little hands will love to grab and some quirky giraffe booties to keep tootsies warm as toast. This company believe that creativity and expression of individuality represent two great human treasures, plus they strive to work in harmony with the environment and donate a portion of each order to the charity of your choice. Giddyup:)

fish rattle

giraffe booties

Educational Korean Blocks

Lastly but not leastly, fun, stimulating and educational Korean blocks. These blocks tick every box – cool, unique, quirky, unusual and unisex:) From Korable.

korean blocks

Shake your booties

Got a newborn due and want to gift something completely different?

There are many gems waiting to be discovered on Etsy and these are no exception. Get some custom made here for the most unique baby gift ever. Completely irresistible!


Autumn Babies

Autumn’s here and giving birth to a baby in autumn has its advantages!

American research came to the conclusion that they are more likely to live to 100, an Australian study says they will be better at sport and an English article claims autumn babies do better academically.

Need an autumn inspired baby name? We found Ash, Birch, Forrest, Hazel, Juniper, Maple, Oak, Willow, Daphne, which means laurel tree and Lennox, a Scottish name related to the elm tree, while autumn colours inspire red related names such as Adam, Crimson, Rory, Rowan, and Scarlett and gold related names like Aurelia, Flavia, and Xanthe. Funnily enough we couldn’t find any orange related names!

Horsey’s stable of colours compliment autumn perfectly and include Chestnut, Bay, Wild Carrot and Lucerne.



If you’re looking for a unique gift for an autumn baby, our newborn to 9 month old unisex clothes are perfect. Horsey pants and tops that you can pop on and off easily cater to the ups and downs in autumn temperatures.

Our cashmere cotton baby clothes are thermo-regulating so they are warmer in cooler weather and cooler in warmer weather. For precious little individuals everywhere.



Keith Haring Pull Toy


A Keith Haring pull toy, how cool! Now this would be a unique newborn gift for when they get a little older and more artistically inclined. So popular they seem to have sold out everywhere but maybe you could place a back order here.